Brand Spotlight: Tatuaje

Welcome to our first brand spotlight! Today we are talking about Tatuaje the brand and Tatuaje Cigar Inc the company that owns it.

When I think of Tatuaje I think of small cigars that pack serious punch, but of corse they do a lot more than just small cigars.

Tatuaje is a brand of handmade premium cigars owned by Tatuaje Cigars, Inc. It was created by Pete Johnson in close consultation with José Garcia and their cigars are manufactured at either; El Rey de los Habanos factory in Miami, Florida, or Tabacalera Cubana S. A. (TACUBA) in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Pete Johnson moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, but soon found himself in the cigar industry when he began working for a small cigar shop in Los Angeles in 1993. In 2003, he created a cigar brand called Tatuaje (tattoo in Spanish), a reference to the many tattoos that Johnson has on his arms.

Tatuaje is best known for; Cabaiguan, Seleccion de Cazador (also known Tatuaje Cabinet or "brown label") and Tatuaje Reserva, all which have garnered both critical praise and commercial success.

Tatuaje is a must try brand for lovers of bold cigars!

Try some for yourself:

Tatuaje - Seleccion de Cazador

Tatuaje - Black Label Private Reserve

Seleccion de Cazador Miami


About the author

Joe Murdie aka Don José has been reviewing cigars in New Zealand for over 10 years now, originally as a writer for NZBlokes, a mens magazine.

Outside of Cigars Joe is an international award winning film-maker based in Wānaka, OTA.


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.