CLE Wynwood Hills Unhinged review by Don José

Hey team, Don José here back with another review.

Today we have the

Wynwood Hills Unhinged

by CLE

If this is your first time here, my reviews rate each cigar on 10 factors and each factor gets a rating out of 10 giving me an overall out of 100. The 10 factors are: Construction, Draw, Burn, Flavour, 1/3 overall, 2/3 overall, 3/3 overall, Journey (how well it flows), Complexity & Value for money.


Wynwood Hills, a three-blend collection featuring, 'Deranged' (Ecuadorian Sumatra), 'Mayhem' (Authentic Corojo), and 'Unhinged' (U.S.-grown Connecticut Broadleaf). Each cigar will be available in a single vitola, 50 x 4½ and comes tissue-wrapped for protection.

let’s take a look at how this stick is put together.

  • Brand CLE

  • Size Unhinged Rothschild 4 1/2" by 50

  • Origin Honduras

  • Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf

  • Binder Honduras

  • Filler Honduras

Wynwood Hills premium cigars were originally launched in 2012 as a collaboration between Christian Eiroa, formerly of Camacho fame and Robert Caldwell. The brand was abandoned when Caldwell went on to form his own company. Today, the brand has been rejuvenated under the C.L.E label which is solely owned by Christian Eiroa

"The Wynwood Hills Unhinged is a must-try. It features a Maduro Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a binder and filler made premium blend Honduran tobaccos. Packed with flavour, the Wynwood Hills Unhinged is a full-bodied smoke that will greet your taste buds with coffee, cedar, and tobacco."


Ok, so now lets talk a little about the wrapper. Connecticut Broadleaf is grown in the open sunlight, mostly in the Connecticut River Valley. it grows as a short, bushy plant with very wide leaves, hence the name, and being grown fully exposed to the sun causes the leaf to grow thick and full of sugars. After curing they get very dark so it is among the prized wrapper leaves used to make many maduro cigars. The plants are stalk cut meaning the entire plant harvested at one time.

Ok, so let's get into the review.


This is one great looking cigar cosmetically, the band and tissue paper wrapping look awesome. Underneath it's a fantastically rolled stick, the wrapped is dark and toothy, the foot is cut super clean and it is DENSE! it feels almost like a rock.

Burn & Draw As the visible construction suggested the burn was near perfect, one minor touchup at about the halfway mark. Any concern I had about the denseness affecting the draw was quickly quashed, this stick smokes great. Plenty of thick white smoke with every draw.

Flavour & Complexity What a tasty little stick. Flavours of Cherry and Cocoa are the first to hit. Chocolate is present the whole way through and it weaves its way around a stack of interesting notes as it goes; spice, bourbon, earth, wood and more.

Strength Full strength, but only just to me.. I had heard it was strong and a few people saying too strong for them, but to me it was a solid 80% strength.

Enjoyment / Journey The new go-to Rothschild? I think so. What a damn good smoke.

Overall This is the 3rd cigar I have smoked from CLE to date and I would say its enough to call me a big fan already. I very much want to get my hands on the Deranged now as Ecuadorian Sumatra is my all time favourite wrapper but while I wait for that I'll very happily smoke a bunch more of these!

A look at the numbers.

Construction -- 9/10

Burn -- 9/10

Draw -- 9/10

Flavour -- 10/10

Complexity -- 9/10

First 1/3 -- 9/10

Second 1/3 -- 10/10

Third 1/3 -- 10/10

Journey -- 9/10

Value -- 9/10

I rate this cigar 93 points.


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.