Everything we can tell you about 'some new location in Christchurch'

There is an exciting new establishment in the works in Christchurch. One that will be a home to many of the fine things we enjoy, including coffee and cigars!

Located in Sydenham, Christchurch. Refinery74 is home to a couple of businesses; Refinery74, Caffeinated Kiwi and, the reason we are writing about it, Canteros.

We popped up there to check it out, and here is everything we can tell you about this fine establishment.

This epic new retail location contains to the largest walk in humidor in NZ! maintained in pristine condition thanks to the latest Oasis tech.

Not that anyone will ever see it as it is illegal for them to show you inside....

The signage is up, and the fit-out is well underway. There is a retail area in the front, packing area and humidor out the back, a large warehouse area for shipments / storage of coffee & accessories etc. Walking about the place, it's easy to see it's potential.

There is plenty of parking available, a huge amount of space for stock and even a sheltered 'smoking' deck!

The humidor itself is dsflkjhds dslkads dsvdsvhlkdvs sdvlkjhds sdjdh dssdhd dlskhf sld dlkjdksd dlkfjsd dslfdskj v sdlv sljds sdlkf so expect to see more on that soon!

We snuck into the Humidor and captured these photos.

Caffeinated Kiwi will be supplying coffee from around the world as well as its own signature blends, while Canteros, as always will offer premium cigars. Their range and stock on hand however, will be drastically increasing, especially after securing a few new, and rather large, NZ distributor contracts.

So from us here at The Cold Draw, a huge congrats to the team at Refinery74. We look forward to visiting again once it is open for business so we can share more blacked out news letters about your fine offerings.


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.