Plasencia Alma Fuerte review by Don José

Hey team, Don José here back with another review.

Today we have the

Alma Fuerte - Sixto II Hexagon

by Plasencia


As part of the Hemingway clubs, 5th Anniversary box this month, was the Alma Fuerte by Plasencia. Being a big fan of Plasencia already I have been pretty keen to get into this one and given its uniqueness I thought why not review it while I'm at it.

If this is your first time here, my reviews rate each cigar on 10 factors and each factor gets a rating out of 10 giving me an overall out of 100. The 10 factors are: Construction, Draw, Burn, Flavour, 1/3 overall, 2/3 overall, 3/3 overall, Journey (how well it flows), Value for money and Overall Enjoyment.


let’s take a look at how this stick is put together.

  • Brand Plasencia Cigars

  • Size Sixto II Hexagon

  • Origin Nicaraguan

  • Wrapper Nicaraguan Habano

  • Binder Nicaraguan

  • Filler Nicaragua

Not a lot of info about what leaf types are where but I do know that it is a blend of Jalapa, Condega, Esteli and Ometepe.


Ok, so first lets talk a little about the Habano wrapper. Habano cigar wrapper is a leaf grown from a Cuban seed, hence the word “Habano” or “Havano,” referring to Cuba's capitol. Habano tobacco wrapper is darker in color, has a much spicier flavor, a richer aroma, and has been grown in Nicaragua's Jalapa Valley and Estelí since the 1990's.

More important than the pronunciation are the reasons we like Habano cigar wrappers. Mainly we like the Habano wrapper’s flavor. It’s spicy, rich and the color is generally dark. Chocolate is commonly tasted in Habano wrappers. And the Habano cigar wrapper is going on many of your favorite cigars.

Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, the maker of My Father and other premium cigars, calls Ecuador Habano grown by the Oliva family “the best cigar wrapper in the entire world.” You can find the wrapper on Garcia’s Flor de las Antillas Maduro, which used to be all-Nicaraguan. The Torpedo, 6.125 x 52 ($9.00) is an excellent representative of the Habano wrapper that delivers medium-full flavor. “It has all the characteristics such as a thick, rich and oily structure,” Garcia told Cigar Aficionado. “It’s also great tasting in flavor and the veins are hardly seen, which makes for a unique type of wrapper.”

While Nicaragua Habano is less common than Ecuador Habano, the varietal can be found on a handful of stronger cigars.


So the first thing you notice when you look at this stick is the shape, at a glance its a box press but on closer look its actually a full hexagon. I'm not sure being a hexagon adds anything to the smoking of the cigar but it is interesting to look at and noticeable when you hold it.

Ok, so let's get into the review.

Construction -- 9/10

Burn -- 10/10

Draw -- 10/10

Flavour -- 10/10

Complexity -- 7/10

Strength -- 70%

First 1/3 -- 9/10

Second 1/3 -- 10/10

Third 1/3 -- 10/10

Construction & Burn Other than a very, very tiny fold on the edge of a wrapper join this stick is flawless in construction. The hexagonally shape has sharp edges which suggests a fair bit of pressure but it hasn't damaged the stick in any way. The burn is perfect. A slight wave to the burnline off and on but no re-lites, no slow points, just great smoking the whole way through.

Flavour & Complexity Holy f*ck this is a tasty cigar. The cold draw has a mix of cocoa and black pepper. Both continue throughout with the addition of wood and earth as well as dark cinnamon and fruit. Complexity wise... its not overly complex, but with the intensity of the flavours present that wasn't a big issue for me.

Strength Mid to full, building throughout. With how big the flavours are I would have been happy with a little more strength but again, it didn't upset me.

Overall Wow. This is a bloody great cigar, and I'm excited to see many more Plasencia sticks hitting NZ shores thanks to Grant and the team at Canteros.

This is one of the best cigars I have smoked in a fair while. I'll be surprised if this doesn't end up on my top 5 list this Christmas.

I rate this cigar 95 points.


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.