The $86,000 travel humidor...

Yip, you read that correctlly.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has released a luxury humidor to house your high-end smokes and your favorite spirit, too. Called the Rolls-Royce Cellarette, it's an all-in-one cigar and whisky chest made with motorized components and lavish materials.

The Cellarette starts at a cost of $61,085 USD and goes up depending on you customisations. In todays exchange thats $86,000 just to get you going.

“As with other pieces in our collection, the Cellarette can be personalized using engraved plates, leather color and wood finishes to match [your] motor car,” Gerry Spahn, head of communications for Americas at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Cigar Afficiando say that at the push of a button, compartments of the cigar and whisky chest leap open, and a warm, ambient light emits from within.

A serving tray elevates from the polished aluminum and leather-bound unit, highlighting a pair of hand-blown lowball glasses inside. The rocks glasses, emblazoned with the ‘RR’ Rolls-Royce logo, rotate outwards as the chest fully opens. The serving tray is finished in an open-pore wood veneer called ‘Obsidian Ayous,’ complete with an inlay of the brand’s ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ logo.

As the glassware is revealed, a bottle holder and Spanish cedar-lined humidor emerge simultaneously at either end of the chest. The humidor’s wooden tray comfortably fits four toros or Churchill-sized cigars, with space behind the tray for Boveda packets or a humidification bar.

So there you have it... if you are in the market for a new travel humidor and happen to have way more disposible income than you know what to do with, then this is the perfect purchase!


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.