Hemingway - August 2021

Each month we receive a selection of the best, hand chosen, cigars delivered to our door via Hemingway. This is what we got this month!

  1. diesel Limited Edition Crucible Toro

  2. Drew Estate Undercrown 10 Corona Viva

  3. E.P. Carrillo Elite Series Seleccion Oscuro Small Churchill

  4. Omar Ortez Originals Maduro Robusto

Now for a little about each cigar from the Hemingway team!


diesel Limited Edition 2021 Crucible Toro BP

The Hair of the Dog re-born

The original Limited Edition in 2019 from diesel (A.J. Fernandez) was the Hair of the Dog, it was by far one of my most favourite cigars of 2019 also.

And yes, it was a perfect Hair of the Dog cure!

Well, this years 2021 release, the Crucible box-pressed Toro is very much like the original release, absolutely superb!


Drew Estate Undercrown 10 Corona Viva

Oooh yes!

Not often I smoke so many of one cigar, but well, this one is special right :-)

Absolutely they hit this one out of the park

FYI we have one box of 20 Toro's arriving in the next week or two; then that will be it for quite some time as they are now back-ordered... email me to reserve a 3-pack


E.P. Carrillo Elite Series Seleccion Oscuro Short Churchill

Finally more EPC!

Let's not get into politics, but I am glad we finally got our awesome first EPC order here; the Pledge is of course on a massive back-order list at the moment, so to wet your appetite here is Ernesto's awesome Elite Series Seleccion Oscuro to enjoy!


Omar Ortez Originals Maduro Robusto

The Master...

Omar Ortez is one of those guys that just flies below the radar, keeps to himself; doesn't do anything flashy - but what he does is damn awesome, masterfully blended great quality cigars!

They come in chests of 60, because he doesn't like to waste money on packaging, he's a smart operator.


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.