Hemingway - September 2021

Each month we receive a selection of the best, hand chosen, cigars delivered to our door via Hemingway. This is what we got this month!

  1. C.L.E. Wynwood Hills Unhinged

  2. Crowned Heads Le Careme

  3. Fratello DMV Maryland

  4. Gilbert Oliva Reserva Blanc Robusto

  5. Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship Mareva

Now for a little about each cigar from the Hemingway team!


C.L.E. Wynwood Hills Unhinged

My new favourite Rothschild

This dark rothschild (short robusto) is just epic; made by Christian Eiroa at C.L.E. in Honduras is the perfect last stogie of the night.

Loads of power, loads of flavour but also perfectly balanced like you'd expect from Christian!

The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper sure delivers a whole heap of flavour and power!


Crowned Heads Le Careme

Repeat? Yeh but no one will complain!

Pretty sure we have them before in HEMINGWAY, but no one will complain as they are just one EPIC cigar on a whole new level!

Also another cigar dropping wth the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper; but this is a world apart from the Unhinged; these (for those new to Le Careme) are a gentle chocolate soufflé (but with some strength behind it for good measure).


Fratello DMV Maryland

Rolled in 2018, aged and ready for you in 2021

These are part of the DMV Limited Edition series by Omar; this is the Mexican San Andrés wrapped beauty.

Well aged, smooth and very enjoyable.


Gilbert Oliva Reserva Blanc Robusto

A Nicaraguan Oliva to honour Gilberto Blanc

Medium-bodied, this would be best for a quiet afternoon and most definitely not a second cigar of the day.

The Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade brings out ample soft, creamy smoke from this perfectly balanced masterfully blended cigar.


Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship Mareva

Are you ready to test your skills?

This is the official Cigar Smoking World Championship cigar; the contest (loosely) is to take as long as possible smoking this cigar without re-lighting it.

How long will you last? Oddly most the aficionados I know can generally consume a cigar in record time; not make it last forever.

The cigar is a medium-bodied Mexican San Andres wrapped Nicaraguan for you to enjoy.


Enjoy your read with a good cigar.